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Who We Are ?

SOS Civisme Benin is the Beninese section of the West African Network of Civic Action Facilitators, which is present in six (06) countries of the sub-region: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger and Togo. It was born in 1996 from the will of some civic action leaders to contribute to the promotion and reinforcement of democratic values through: education in law and democracy, the promotion of human rights and duties with specific actions with minorities, the cultivation of the values of peace and civil harmony, research and publications on governance in Benin and Africa, study and research trips and advocacy actions for the respect of the duty of accountability by decision makers.

  • 1996:

    creation of SOS Civisme

  • 06 Nation

    06 countries of the sub-region

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Communal section of Abomey-Calavi

Contact(s) : + 229 67 46 31 14

Communal section of Aplahoué

Contact(s) : +229 67 64 92 44

Communal section of Bembèrèkè

Contact(s) : + 229 63 03 03 44/95 00 52 53

Communal secction of Bohicon

Contact(s) : +229 67 81 64 59

Communal section of Djougou

Contact(s) : + 229 97 91 96 70

Communal section of Parakou

Contact(s) : + 229 96 84 13 05

Communal section of Sèmè-Podji

Contact(s) : +229 67 74 29 09

Vision - Mission - Objective

  • We are working for a democratic Benin, where the rule of law, peace and social cohesion reign and where all citizens participate in economic and social development. SOS Civisme Benin will be a partner of choice and essential in the strengthening and consolidation of democracy and the rule of law in a Benin where peace and social cohesion reign. 
  • Contribute to the promotion of responsible citizenship through training, awareness and advisory support to communities at the grassroots levele.
  • –  to contribute to the reinforcement of civism in Africa ;
  • –  working for peace, democracy and integration through civic action ;
  • –  to contribute to the emergence in Africa of a dynamic, dignified and responsible civil society ;
  • –  work towards good governance and the cultivation of social and cultural values ;
  • –  to assist in the development and social empowerment of grassroots communities ;
  • –  solidarity with any civic action organization.

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