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As in Bantè, the AUSPu of the Commune of Allada had the right to capacity building on accountability, the AFDH, the techniques of interpellation and the analysis and monitoring of public policies. Very satisfied with these two days of training, a participant gave her impressions: “We knew what to do, but not how to do it, this training came at the right time for us, because it allowed us to have the tools we need to do our work of defending the rights of users”. She continues: “We would like to see initiatives like this repeated more often”. 

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The Challenge

Coronavirus infection is a serious hazard to the world's population. SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) is a serious consequence that can arise in patients who have been infected with the coronavirus.

COVID-19 is more prone to the propagation of the virus in nations with a high population density than in countries with a lower population density. As a result, defeating the Corona virus is a major challenge for us.

So we have to make sure the social distancing, social service, testing service and make the coordination better between people. That’s our biggest challenge to make sure.

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