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As part of the implementation of the TOVI DAGBE FO DIDE 2 project, “BON CITOYEN 2”, SOS CIVISME BENIN, proceeded on this day, March 15, 2022, in the commune of Bantè, to the reinforcement of capacities of young people on *redevrability and interpellation techniques*. This training workshop which ends on March 16, 2022, knows the participation of 20 young people (men, women and disabled people), nationals of the commune of Bantè and belonging to grassroots organizations. The objective is to << *tool the youth in the logic of making them capable of interacting effectively in the implementation of the project and to be able to play the role of citizen watch in the sectors of education and civil status*
During the workshop, the mayor of the commune of Bantè, Mr. Comlan FAGBEMON, who was present at the workshop, welcomed the initiative and sincerely thanked the Swiss Cooperation and the GFA Consulting Group for their financial and technical support before assuring the project team of his full availability and that of all the communal authorities to enable the project to achieve tangible results. While recalling the importance of the topics discussed during this workshop, Mr. FAGBEMON invited the participants to discipline and to listen carefully, because, he said, <<it is about their personal development as citizens and that of their commune>>.
Furthermore, the private secretary of the Mayor of Bantè, Mr Armel NONVIGNON, also took part in the workshop.

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