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The Communal Section of SOS CIVISME BENIN flies to the aid of the schoolchildren of Bohicon

To allow school children to have access to shade and fruits (guarantee of a healthy life for a better education) during their recreational moments, such is the vision which underlies the descent of the members of the Communal section of Bohicon (SOS CIVISME BENIN) this Monday, June 27, 2022 in the Epp Sogba. Led by its current President Samson KPEHOUNKPE, the communal team of SOS CIVISME BENIN has endowed this school with 30 seedlings including 13 ecaritus, 13 Melinas and 4 grafts. A gesture that makes happy both the beneficiary students and the administration and local authorities. This is the moment for us to say thank you to the national coordination of SOS CIVISME BENIN, the Chief of the District (CQ) of Sogba and the school management for their promise of commitment alongside the Communal Section for development actions.

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The Challenge

Coronavirus infection is a serious hazard to the world's population. SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) is a serious consequence that can arise in patients who have been infected with the coronavirus.

COVID-19 is more prone to the propagation of the virus in nations with a high population density than in countries with a lower population density. As a result, defeating the Corona virus is a major challenge for us.

So we have to make sure the social distancing, social service, testing service and make the coordination better between people. That’s our biggest challenge to make sure.

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